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We humbly request you to all to donate a part of your earnings for these children. These children shall bless you from the core of their heart. You can help out these blind children in various ways as uder:

We urge you to kindly provide us the financial support for this noble cause from your hard-earned money. So that the society's visually impaired and needy children can realize their dream of golden future. The Society has obtained exemption u/s 80G vide Notification No-DIT (E)/2009-2010/N-1170/2067 dated 15/10/2009 and Registration us/12A vide notification No-DIT (E)/12A/2009-2010/n-1170/870 dated 15/10/09 from Director of Income Tax (Exemption )Delhi.

Life Time Food Donor

A Donation of Rs. 21000/-(Simply food) and Rs.25000/-(Special food) form your side will provide food for one day (one time either lunch or dinner) in a year for the whole life. This day can be any day of your liking, like any of your kid's birthday, anniversary or any other important day.

One Day One Time Food Donor

You can arrange for a feast of these children on any one auspicious day or you can celebrate birthday of your children, relatives, marriage, anniversary of your elders by contribution an amount of 2100/-(simple food) & 3100/- (Special food). You can book in advance a date for one time.

Monthly Donor

Anybody contribute of Minimum amount cash or cheque of Rs.1000/- or above per month.

Food Item Donor

You can donate accordingly to your will ant of various goods like Floor, Pulses (Arhar , Moong Dhuli Moong Chilka, Rajma, Chhole) Sugar, Tea, Dhania,Turmeric, Zeera etc.) Tooth paste ,Ghee, Washing Soap , Bathing Soap and new clothes for children.

Adopting Donor

Taking responsibility of ant one child estimated cost for sponsorship of a child is Rs. 90000/- (2500/- per month for 3yrs).

Life Time Member

You can also enroll any of your family members, relatives or friends in "Navdristi Social and Blind Welfare Society " for the lifetime by providing a support amount of Rs.15000/-